Developing Process Strategy

Where is your company at now?

Can you put your hand on your heart and say that everything is working 100%? Your company hums all the time and is turning out on-spec products and services within budget to be delivered on time to your delighted customers. Your bills go out on time and are paid on time? You and your staff go home at latest 6pm each night – unless you are working shifts, of course – and spend a pleasant family evening? And they look forward to coming to work each day?

If you were promoted to higher position in your company – or to a higher job in another bigger company – the handover to your successor would be smooth and take no more than half an hour, and s/he could look forward to the same hassle-free existence that you are presently enjoying?

Maybe not!!

Or is there something that is really causing you concern? Not all goes as planned all the time? People not all working optimally at peak performance? Cash flow problems, maybe? Not all your customers rave about your product or service? Some are even leaving you and moving to your competitors?

Maybe there are more problems than you feel comfortable with?

If a genie was to come out of a bottle and offer you the answers to your problems, would you take up the offer?

Actually, it doesn’t need a genie, it just needs Ascent E3. Rather than be kept awake at night with problems, just imagine what it would be like if there were no problems. This is the end result of the Envision process which is the first stage in an Ascent E3 project.

Once you have the picture of where you want to be – and our consultants can help you with Developing Process Strategy – share it with your staff, so you can move to stage 2 and make it happen.

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