Increase Productivity

Increase productivity through People using Peak People Performance

You can increase productivity in your organization through improving your operational processes using Ascent 3E. But most processes are performed by people, so there is a need to work on your people as well. You need the right people with the right skills level and the right mental approach to implement and maintain the process improvements you will achieve through Ascent 3E.

In the Execution phase of Ascent 3E, your people will need to learn new skills and techniques, which will need to become a part of how they will perform in the future. We will ensure that they learn these skills through careful training, coaching and mentoring. But this is only part of the story.

Your staff will also need to be mindful of further improvements that may be possible even to the improved skills developed in the Execute phase of Ascent 3E. This is an attitude change rather than a behavioral one, and attitude change cannot be brought about by training alone.

People other than operating staff need to be involved in Execute stage, including immediate supervisors and managers – and even senior managers. So the learning element of Ascent 3E is complemented by the Peak People Performance system.

Peak People Performance includes potential changes to your people management systems and also even your reward systems to ensure that the experience of operating under Ascent 3E is a totally positive one. You will have in fact a total people and process management system that will increase productivity, the only one in the region.

Ascent 3E plus Peak People Performance will bring about a change in the culture of your organization, meaning that everyone in the company is concentrating on meeting customer needs by providing top quality products and services produced by peak-performing staff using top-class processes – and feeling great about it all.

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