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The Best Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy Malaysia

Ascent E3 is a framework developed jointly by LSS Academy Sdn Bhd and Meridian Biz Management (MBizM® Sdn Bhd) and since the merger of the two consultancies in late 2012 has become the flagship of both consultancies. Prior to the merger, both companies were active in the Lean and Six Sigma discipline, with MBizM®, concentrating on Lean Six Sigma training, in the manufacturing sector, and LSS Academy specializing more in consulting in the service sector. Together they make the best Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy Malaysia

MBizM Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2009, MBizM® still offers a range of training programs related to Lean and Six Sigma, Quality and performance improvement and consultancy programmes, but it now supplements these activities with an increasing level of consulting. It operates mainly within Malaysia, though its consultants are frequently called on to undertake assignments overseas, in part because its training programs are internationally recognized and are IASSC (International Association of Six Sigma certification) certified.

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LSS Academy Sdn Bhd

LSS Academy is the only company in the region recognized by the Carnegie Mellon Maturity Integration Model to have an integrated Consulting, Training and Coaching Package (CMMI level 3). Founded in 2007, LSS Academy has developed a deserved reputation as an experienced consultancy while its thought leadership has been shown by the publication of two books relating to Change Management through Lean Six Sigma practices and implementation.

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The combined consultancies offer a synergistic relationship that provides an excellent one-stop shop for any company anywhere in the region which wishes to ascend to Peak Performance. With the capacity to consult in any industry segment, a pool of highly competent consultants and trainers, and the integrated Ascent E3 framework of process and people improvement, the merged consultancies offer a formidable resource to client companies.

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