Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment made in our services

We believe it is important that our clients are able to show a return on the investment made in our services.

There have been some interesting new approaches to calculating return on investment (ROI) recently, and we have adapted some of these so you can see not only at the end of a project what is your immediate ROI, but also how this ROI will continue to grow as you continue to use the lean six sigma and peak people performance approaches and that you are in fact getting a ‘bang for your buck’.

If you invest in a solar water heater on the roof of your house, there is an upfront cost, which is offset by the savings you make as you use the solar heater, until the cost of the water heater is fully recouped, after that the use of the solar heater makes you money – you don’t have to pay the utility any more for electricity used to heat the water. And this goes on until it is time to replace the water heater when it finally wears out – as all plant does in the end – when the process begins over again.

Investing in a process improvement program is rather like buying a solar water heater, but there is one significant difference. After installation, Ascent E3 never wears – out in fact it gets better as your staff continue to develop new process improvement initiatives. After the initial investment has been recouped, you continue to profit from it forever. In fact its gets better, because your staff will be able to continually fine-tune the process to make it even better and continue to increase profitability. This is of course provided that your organization continues to maintain the Experience processes and techniques.

The Peak People Performance will also contribute to Return On Investment. Improved people performance will add to the return on your initial investment, which is why we offer it as an integral part of Ascent E3

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