Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 26th March , 2015 – MBizM Group, the business and management consultancy firm known for its expertise in Lean and Six Sigma training and consultancy programmes, has announced the opening of its new branch in Australia under the name Meridian Biz Management (Australia) Pty Ltd. This company was registered in March 2015 through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with the Australian Company Number (ACN) 604 347 604. Furthermore, MBizM has also announced the opening of Lean Sigma Experts Australia, which is the business name of MBizM Australia with the Australian Business Number (ABN) 81 604 347 604.

MBizM is a training and project consultancy company concerning Lean and Six Sigma. MBizM provides Champions, Black, Green, Yellow and White Belt training on Lean Six Sigma. MBizM also provides project identifications and project coaching sessions to companies in need of consulting and advice in regards to potential process improvement and customer service delivery projects that they are interested in venturing into. Moreover, MBizM provides their clients practical tools, techniques and methodologies with the intention of providing the clients the upper hand in maintaining their competitiveness and survivability in their respective markets. MBizM is an IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) certified organization, meaning that it is an internationally accredited training and examination center for Lean Six Sigma, providing specialized Lean Six Sigma training and project coaching packages.

MBizM recognizes that Australian companies do legitimately understand and recognize the value and importance of Lean Six Sigma as a quantified and proven science in management consulting. “Australian firms are found to be exceptionally receptive regarding Lean Six Sigma training and consultancy. They are aware of it, demand in-depth technical expertise and tangible results that comes with it, and expect to gain real and valid psychological changes after the sessions” said Dr. Satnam Singh, the Managing Director of Lean Sigma Experts Australia. Hence, he iterates, MBizM believes that there is high demand for Lean Six Sigma and MBizM is taking the initiative to tap into said demand.  Moreover, Dr. Satnam explains, there is also government funding and support for Australian citizens to take Lean Six Sigma training and consultation for their up-skilling and re-skilling needs. The funding and support, he clarifies, make Lean Six Sigma more attractive because they make the training and consulting more affordable and accessible to the Australian citizens and residents alike.

MBizM has successfully deployed Lean Six Sigma across GLCs, MNCs and SMEs in United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Owing to the resulting rapid growth, MBizM is looking into broadening its horizon into Australia to provide more affordable training and consulting packages in that region. MBizM is aiming to become a global brand henceforward, and MBizM intends to broaden its market into Australia to bring that aim to reality. MBizM recognizes the fact that Australian companies are looking to create more strategies to reduce operational costs to stay competitive in their respective market. In addition, MBizM notices that the Australian public’s and private sector’s awareness towards Lean Six Sigma are also shown to be rapidly increasing. “We are aiming to first raise the public’s awareness of Lean Six Sigma in South Australia, and then expand our influence into the other states in Australia in the next 3 to 5 years. We also intend to establish partnerships with the local Australian RTOs, and other training providers and management consulting firms in Australia”, said Dr. Satnam, regarding the new branch in Australia.

The Managing directors of MBizM, Dr. Satnam Singh and Mr. Harbans Singh are both Master Black Belts (MBBs), and have the experience in deploying, implementing, training and providing consultation on Lean Six Sigma around the globe. They have decade’s worth of experience delivering and implementing Lean and Six Sigma to various companies, both is service and manufacturing industries. Dr. Satnam Singh has been entrusted the responsibility to promote and implement Lean Six Sigma within organizations throughout Australasia.

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