Process Performance

Managing Change with Process Performance

The QS E3 Simulation

This 2 day simulation exercise is the first step in the climb to peak process performance.

During QS E3 Simulation you are able to work through the whole E3 process of implementing very basic process improvement tools into a fictitious company to get the feel of how it works – and will work for you.

You will explore the problems faced by the company and undertake the Envisioning step of identifying where you want the company to be when it is operating at peak performance.

Then you will take the Execute step of applying some of the most common Ascent E3 tools to the process so that you turn your vision into reality. There are many tools available in the Ascent E3 framework, which is the strength of the approach, but in two days you will have time to apply just some of them to get a feel of how you can raise performance levels in your quest for peak performance.

You will also take the Experience step so you can feel how it is when you are at peak performance and learn how to make the new approach to operating become part of your company DNA.

During the QS E3 Simulation, you will also apply the DMAIC problem solving process which lies at the heart of the Execute stage of Ascent E3. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The interrelationship of E3 and DMAIC is shown in the model below.

By the time you have completed the E3 simulation you will be ready to begin the climb to peak performance for real, as shown in the following model.

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