Project Execution

The Execute phase in Ascent E3 is the longest and in many ways the most critical.

Once you have envisioned where you want you company to be – and most importantly, how you will know you have got there – the process of moving from here to there begins. Many recent writers on management and business have emphasized the critical importance of project execution, pointing out that the best strategy in the world is just words on paper until it is executed.

The Execute phase is where all the really hard work takes place, and your staff and ours will be working closely together throughout it. The activities will be a combination of consulting and training: identifying problems, and how they impact your customers; identifying the factors contributing to the problems; solving the problems using the tools that your staff will be trained to use; and finally assessing the positive impact on customer satisfaction with the problem removed. During the Execute phase there will be constant measurement of Return on Investments (ROI).

During the Execute phase, we will together identify Key results Areas (KRA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Critical Success Factors (CSF). This is not purely through a process orientation. It is important that we listen throughout to the Voice of the Customer (VOC), the Voice of the Business (VOB), Voice of the Employee (VOE) and most importantly Voice of the Process (VOP). Whilst evaluating your VOP, we will investigate your Key Process Input Variables (KPIVs) and Key Process Output Variables (KPOVs) to determine the factors to improve for peak performance.

All aspects of the organization must be aligned to achieve your objective(s), not only process but also people. You need to confirm your start point/base camp; confirm you have the right people performing the right processes, both within proven systems. Confirm you have the right plant and technology, as well as the right measurement processes

That’s why the Execute stage is the longest and hardest, but the end result will be peak performance.

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